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Steve Johnson (born Steven Marcus Johnson; February 7, 1960)[1] is an American special effects artist whose career has spanned more than thirty years. His work has appeared in over 200 film and television projects. Most of his work is in horror and science fiction projects, though he has occasionally created effects for other films, such as The Rundown (2003) and Spider-Man 2 (2004).

Early life Edit

Johnson was born in Houston, Texas. As a child, Johnson watched Universal Studios monster films and the Hammer films. These films inspired him to become a special effects artist. Johnson's biggest influences are Jack Pierce (makeup artist), Dick Smith (makeup artist) and Rick Baker (makeup artist).[2] While he was still attending high school, Johnson met one of his idols, Rick Baker. Though Baker wasn't impressed with Johnson's portfolio, he acknowledged Johnson's problem solving talent and helped get him one of his first monumental jobs, as part of the special makeup effects crew on the 1981 horror blockbuster An American Werewolf in London, directed by John Landis.[3]

Career Edit

Johnson's first work in film was the 1980 film The Fog, though he was uncredited for his work. In 1984, Johnson received another huge job; he was asked to come and work on a new project by Ivan Reitman, called Ghostbusters.[3] Johnson created "Slimer" for the film, as well as the "librarian ghost."[3][4] Johnson started his own effects company after Ghostbusters, called "Steve Johnson's XFX," which also created creatures for the films Species,[4] Poltergeist II, and The Stand.[5] In 1989 Johnson worked on The Abyss, directed by James Cameron, which became one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.[3] He created the breathtaking "alien" creatures for the film's climax. Johnson and his effect crew also worked on the hit science fiction series Stargate SG-1, creating the Goa'uld serpents. An entire chapter focusing on his effects work was included in a book written by Anthony Timpone that focused solely on the work of special effects artists in film.[6] Johnson's career in effects has been spotlighted and featured prominently in books written by Thomas Morawetz [7] and Rama Venkatasawmy [8] In 2003, Johnson co-wrote, produced, and directed a short called Everloving.[9] In addition to creating effects for films and television, Johnson is an instructor at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.[3]

Acting Edit

Johnson had a cameo as an orderly in the 1992 vampire film Innocent Blood. He created the vampire effects for the film, and his then-wife Linnea Quigley also had a cameo as a nurse.Template:Fact

Personal life Edit

Johnson was married to actress Linnea Quigley from 1990 to 1992.

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Filmography Edit

Johnson has worked on the following films:[13][9][14]

References Edit

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